January 3, 2016
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Enroute to Manila! We spent our Holiday in winter wonderland freezing China. Since it was my first trip of the year, I’m finally answering the question: What’s in my travel bag?


Here you go:

1. Travel Bag: I usually bring a light bag that has an adjustable shoulder strap especially when I’m travelling with the kids. I like the option of being able to carry it on my arms, shoulder or even as a sling bag.

2. Wallet: I usually bring my slimmest wallet just so that it doesn’t take up so much space. Believe it or not, I sometimes just use envelopes especially when I’m going to various countries with different currencies.

3. Passport Case: For me it’s a MUST because I like my passport and boarding pass together in one holder.

4. Pen: Always have a pen in handy since you’ll be filling up arrival, customs and immigration forms.

5. Camera: I bring my most compact camera when travelling so that I can capture my precious moments, anytime.

6. Sunglass: Sleep or no sleep, traveling is tiring so I like to hide my eyes.

7. Make-Up: I board the plane with makeup, remove it before I sleep and re-apply it when I wake up. Travelling is NOT an excuse to look haggard!

8. Hat & Scarf: I like travelling incognito. Plus I get cold on the plane so my scarf is essential.

9. Socks: The minute I board the plane, I change into my Happy Socks. I’m not a fan of the free socks from the airline.

10. Headphones: Unless you want everyone sitting next to you to hear what your watching on your laptop or iPad – bring headphones. I usually just borrow my daughter’s headphones since she has really cool ones. hehe!

I also put together a shopping selection of travel essentials which I think are chic below:


Safe travels!



- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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