January 14, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Planning for an event or party is a lot of work. The logistics, details, time and execution are crucial. I planned & executed both Danielle’s first birthday party (butterfly theme with real butterflies) and Christening without a party planner or stylist. Although for Danielle’s Christening, I had a lot of help from my aunties (experts in party planning) since we were still living in the US during that time. I must say that abundance of DIY party supplies in America is insane. It’s party supplies central!

001-Baptism Asher Antonio Baptism

The kiddie party scene in Manila has definitely evolved. I decided to try out a highly recommended event stylist to help me execute Asher’s Christening since the last time I threw a big children’s party was 11 years ago (after Danielle’s first birthday, all of her other parties have been more intimate). Oh let me clarify… Asher’s Christening reception was actually very small & intimate.. it was the styling and preparations that were big!


Having an event stylist was heaven sent. Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland gave me a clearer direction of what I envisioned… she put my thoughts into perspective and made all my ideas come to life. I knew that I wanted a yellow color scheme but I didn’t know what pattern or how to put everything together nor did I know where to get any of the supplies.

Asher Antonio Baptism

Did you know that colors have meaning and stimulates our senses by affecting our mood? I wanted yellow because it’s the color of sunshine. It actually represents joy and happiness. The perfect color to welcome Asher into the Christian world!


Aaaaaaahh.. the dessert buffet. I just can’t stop staring at how pretty it looks. The colors, patterns and various desserts so harmoniously put together. LOVE!!!

08-Baptism Asher Antonio Baptism

Every table was styled down to the very last detail. Fresh floral arrangements, dollies as placemats, freshly squeezed lemonade and personalized mason jars to refresh each guests from the heat gave a unique and vibrant touch.

Asher Antonio Baptism Asher Antonio Baptism

I looooove the personalized M&M’s with Asher’s photo and Christening details. I’m still amazed with how they were able to print his photo on the actual candy. If you have a lot of lead time…ORDER. It’s just TOO CUTE!!!

Asher Antonio Baptism

Chocolate bars and maroons for the sweet tooth always hits the spot.

Asher Antonio Baptism

Of course our dessert buffet spread had cake pops, cupcakes and macaroons in theme. Aren’t the designs simply amazing? Frankly, I was VERY impressed.

Asher Antonio Baptism Asher Antonio Baptism

We meticulously prepared special tokens for Asher’s God parents and sealed them with love.

Asher Antonio Baptism Asher Antonio Baptism

The “Wishing Tree” was a personal favorite. It’s such a nice gesture and heartwarming to read my family and friends thoughts and well wishes for Asher.

Asher Arambulo Antonio

You see the vase with the twigs? It’s one of the things that Bambi let me take home as a remembrance from Ashers Christening. We’re still using it in our home today. So pretty!

Asher Arambulo Antonio Asher Arambulo Antonio

Asher’s Time Capsule was Daddy Carlo’s only request. We asked our guests to bring significant things and memorabilia for Asher’s Time Capsule. The time capsule is sealed and will be kept in our storage until Asher graduates high school. We plan to unveil and give it to him before we send him off to college.

Asher Antonio Baptism

It’s definitely a challenge to plan any party. Seeing everything come to life and knowing that our guests had a good time makes it all worth it. I really TRY to make it a point to plan everything down to the last detail.. and I always need a contingency plan. I believe in the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail!”. This time around my plan was to get help from Manila’s kiddie party expert, Alice’s Wonderland by Bambi Hernandez. SHE is my not-so-secret weapon, revealed!

Alice’s Wonderland by Bambi Hernandez-Cruz | | M&M’s by | Cake by Swell Sweets  +63917.536.7827 | Cupcakes and Cake Pops by Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse | Macarons by Empire Macarons | Asher’s baby photos by Sofia Genato of Stork Studio | Special Thanks to Rowen Lee and Jennifer Baylosis

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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